Hot Tapping

Installing a new branch line connection to get your existing in service piping without a shutdown. Tap Master's specialized Hot Tap equipment allows us to get into tight places where others can't go. We do jobs no one else can do. Natural gas and turnkey services are our specialty as well as tapping through extended length spools and nipples. Size-on-size Hot Taps can be done, giving you the maximum flow your require.

Line Stopping

As an alternative to Pipe Freezing, Line Stopping provides additional mechanical methods of isolating your pipeline. By pass capabilities allow your pipeline to stay in service while piping modifications or valve installations are made. Available for every type of pipe, service product and condition.

Pipe Freezing

Tap Master's proven effective method of Pipe freezing isolates your piping when draining the system is not economical or environmentally sound. Valve additions and repairs are made quick and easy. Great for high pressure and copper systems. less draining allows you to stay in the green.

Valve Insertion

A New Gate Valve is installed inline in 2-4 hours, LIVE, "without interruption" of the Service main. Shut the valve when you are ready, it operates just like a Regular Valve with a Standard Valve Key. Available for: ACP, C-900 PVC, DUCTILE IRON, CAST IRON, PVC and STEEL.

Leak Sealing

Repairs are made to your piping components while your system stays in service. All temperatures, pressures, products, and sizes. Valves Repacked on Line, Flange Leaks, and Piping leaks are sealed.

Natural Gas, Butt Fusion, Electro Fusion

Certified technicians available for Butt Fusion and Electro Fusion Services for Poly Gas Pipe installations. Also available, Hot Tapping, line Stopping, Pipe Squeezing, and Leak Sealing for Steel and Poly gas Lines, Special Bypass capabilities allows work to be completed safely without a System Shutdown.

Pipe Welding

Tap master has Pipe Welders who are certified for 6G All Positions. Welding Services available for Indoor and Underground Applications. We specialize in Welding on Live in Service natural gas lines and Turnkey Services for line Stopping and Hot tapping conditions.